I am a fine artist from Jamaica currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Antioch College. I graduated with my Master's in Fine Art at the University of Connecticut this year and a BA from Wesleyan University in 2012 where I became interested in how people present themselves, the masks they wear, and the differences between who/what is presented and who people really are. 

My interests have coalesced into a wide survey of glitches and inconsistencies within cultural software and the emergent dilemmas of multiculturalism on the formation of individual identity. My creative work broadly concerns black masculinity and its nature and formation within a changing socio-political and cultural milieu.  I make large both large drawings and oil on canvas portraits that examine the contradictions, inconsistencies, conventions and fragility of identity inspired by the cultural differences encountered through emigration. I encountered social and cultural differences between what “black man” meant in Jamaica and what it meant here which had implications for how one presents themselves and forms an identity. The resulting work explores the dissonances between the corporeal self, the represented self, the internal self and the social self within African American culture and the Caribbean diaspora My recent bodies of work, Schizophrenic Masculinity and the Divided States of Schizomaica looks at the artifice of black masculinity through the tradition of portraiture. I combine photography, photomanipulation and painting by physically painting my subject to produce photos that are then altered to make a body of references.